WageLove – Water Extraction & Fossil Fuel Addiction

Can you live for a day without consuming fossil fuels? It might take a few moments to think that satisfying one of our most basic needs – thirst for water – is leaving a massive carbon footprint and our fossil fuel addiction is impacting our thirst.

Bottled Water Concerns

Think about the things in your life that need WATER to create them. Check out this Treehugger article for a list of common items and how much water is consumed. This is one of the most startling facts:

It takes 1.85 GALLONS of water to make a 16 oz plastic bottle to hold water.

That water used to make the bottle isn’t coming back and our recycling of plastic bottles is only around 23%. Sadly where those bottles for recycling goes (India) and the process used is a problem as well, as this video from the Story of Stuff series shows. PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) plastic bottles can be recycled and not all water bottles are made from PET. The EPA says 31% of PET bottles were recycled in 2012 within the US. Warning: Leaving water bottles in hot areas or sitting for long periods of time allows chemical interactions with the water within. Antimony found in PET plastic can cause dizziness and depression; in larger doses it can cause nausea, vomiting and death. [1]


Water Extraction

Communities have experienced corporate extraction of water for a long time. We have entered an age where surface water on Earth can’t be drank without filtration, and ground water becomes tainted as well through oil and gas exploration.

The quest to extract fossil fuels for refining into fuels is using 4-8 million cubic meters of fresh water daily in the United States alone. This water goes through a process which renders it unfit for consumption.

As fossil fuels encroach on available water, there is also dramatically increasing extraction of drinking water by corporations, Nestlé and Coca-Cola being the largest, using various brand names. This water gets packaged in plastic bottles and sold to the public whom have been conditioned to believe this is the preferred mode of getting drinking water.

Water is more valuable than gold, it satisfies a human need. The world’s elite know this and continue to drive its value up through fossil fuel addiction and privatization of water when possible.


Wage Love With Knowledge

Charity Hicks at first March Against Monsanto
Charity Hicks at first March Against Monsanto

Detroit recently lost a very loved warrior in the fight for food and water justice – Charity Hicks, mysteriously killed by complications from a hit-and-run accident [2] [3] while visiting New York to speak at a conference. Community Food & Justice Coalition lists Charity as a person making a difference. She asked us to #WageLove and part of doing that is to know the systems that continue to oppress the people and the planet.

Charity Hicks: Wage Love from EMERGENCE Media on Vimeo.

Stephen Boyle – Green Party Candidate for US Congress 14th District of Michigan