Independent Underground Radio interview

Featured guest on Michigan’s Top Politico Podcast

Stephen Boyle was the first featured guest on the August 27 broadcast, episode 352 of Independent Underground Radio Live. The podcast has been rated highest of Michigan’s politico shows and has been operating for four years with Monica RW at the helm.

Topics Discussed August 27

Our conversation covered a lot of ground on issues and desired legislative actions. We started with discussion of the Green Party’s presence for voters. Most news sources are focused on what are known as the major political parties – those being Democrats and Republicans.

Introduction and conversation start at 19:15 minutes into the broadcast.

I became a candidate at the Green Party nominating convention on June 6, 2014. Some of the candidate forum opportunities had already passed, those that I saw upcoming and asked told me their rules only allow candidates in the primary races a chance to speak. Third party candidates can attend, but the extent of publicity comes to a display table and speaking with the public attending before and after the event.

Independents and third-party candidates are not offered an equal voice in electoral politics by many of these groups who only hold candidate forums prior to the primaries.

Publicity by these non-profits chartered to offer an equal voice for all candidates is not offered. There are requirements set for lobbying and voter advocacy groups, which are documented by the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest. Their rules and procedures need to be challenged against the charter requirements for the non-profit. There may be a few non-profits that handle voter education more equitably and these need to be commended publicly.

Gallup Poll of Voter Party Alignment

Gallup has a monthly poll which has shown since 2012 that the majority of voters have indicated they are not aligned with either Democrats or Republicans in the first question asked. The subsequent question nearly invalidates that response by asking them which way do they lean. I’ve provided two months of information from the polls in these images. Poll results are given on the 10th of each month.

Topics Shared

  • My background as an activist on justice issues. This includes my experience life with technology as a corporate computing professional.
  • Move some issues not addressed in the local or state level up to national attention for reform.
  • How running as a Green Party is different than with the more well known parties that haven’t been in favor with the people.
  • What it is like being without a car, using bus and bicycle for transportation in metro Detroit.
  • Connecting activism on the front line with political office behind the scenes leveraging change desired.
  • Electoral process tends to favor corporatocracy and suppress the voice and will of the people.
  • Green Party is friendly to labor and working people.
  • The need for a living wage, not just a minimum wage.
  • Growing local economies and creating a safety net against globalization’s interest in pushing wages down in the US in favor of bottom-seeking lowest global wage workers.
  • Government’s interest in supporting commerce over the needs of the people.
  • District 14′s vast differences with 4 municipalities under Emergency Manager Law.
  • Looking at tax abatement as a manner of leaving city services without funding and without specific measurable result on residential employment creates even more difficulties in the city. Detroit has had many examples, such as the new Red Wings stadium which has school tax dollars being used for construction.
  • Federal dollars coming into a municipality need to be distributed for services. Detroit has experienced systemic oppressing of the greater populace by focused investment.
  • The State Fairgrounds is under development in questionable ways – is this to be a gated community that disregards the surrounding community? The Michigan Land Bank Authority hasn’t stepped up to deliver on the Regional Transportation Authority’s needs.
  • What happened with Detroit’s flood of 2014? Bringing in contractors and dismissing long-term employees that understood the processes to make systems work.
  • Tax inversion and tax credits by corporations needs to be addressed. Unfulfilled promises need corrective action.
  • … and there’s more during the 45 minutes of conversation.

TYT Detroit Network Meetup

TYT Detroit Sigil
TYT Detroit Sigel

One candidate forum I did attend was hosted by the TYT Network (The Young Turks) of Detroit. The event was held in Ann Arbor so there was a Washentaw County slant to those candidates that came to the event. The 14th district is in Oakland and Wayne Counties, but I know that some in the TYT Network meetup would be travelling to Ann Arbor for the event. The forum didn’t have public speaking, mostly due to the arrangement of dining tables and booths at Pizza House.

Radio interview with Monica RW of IURL
Radio interview with Monica RW of IURL

Independent Underground Radio was present interviewing the candidates. The interview with me is about 2 hours into the broadcast.

Listen to internet radio with IU Radio LIVE Politico Talk on BlogTalkRadio

I also took the opportunity to circulate from table to table and speak with those attending. Overall I believe the reception was very good and some were encouraged to see third-party candidates that they felt reflected their interests more appropriately than the major party candidates.

Voters Needed – Register Here

The State of Michigan’s voter registration deadline is October 6, 2014 to vote in the November 4, 2014 election. You might have missed voting in the primaries, but that vote was about issues and narrowing the choice of Democrat & Republican candidates. As a recognized independent party the Green Party of Michigan holds a nominating convention and caucuses to move candidates onto the ballot.

I’ve registered with Rock The Vote to offer an easy way to get registered online. Just click the image and a form will pop-up in a new window to collect your information.

If you have concerns about your right to vote check the website Election Protection for help. They even have a mobile app.


Grow The Vote!

coverJun2012.pdfIf you’d like to help in canvassing and getting people registered to vote please contact the Committee To Elect Boyle For Michigan through the contact form or calling 313-757-2619 and leaving your information to have someone return your call.

Charity Hicks at 1st March Against Monsanto

WageLove – Water Extraction & Fossil Fuel Addiction

Can you live for a day without consuming fossil fuels? It might take a few moments to think that satisfying one of our most basic needs – thirst for water – is leaving a massive carbon footprint and our fossil fuel addiction is impacting our thirst.

Bottled Water Concerns

Think about the things in your life that need WATER to create them. Check out this Treehugger article for a list of common items and how much water is consumed. This is one of the most startling facts:

It takes 1.85 GALLONS of water to make a 16 oz plastic bottle to hold water.

That water used to make the bottle isn’t coming back and our recycling of plastic bottles is only around 23%. Sadly where those bottles for recycling goes (India) and the process used is a problem as well, as this video from the Story of Stuff series shows. PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) plastic bottles can be recycled and not all water bottles are made from PET. The EPA says 31% of PET bottles were recycled in 2012 within the US. Warning: Leaving water bottles in hot areas or sitting for long periods of time allows chemical interactions with the water within. Antimony found in PET plastic can cause dizziness and depression; in larger doses it can cause nausea, vomiting and death. [1]


Water Extraction

Communities have experienced corporate extraction of water for a long time. We have entered an age where surface water on Earth can’t be drank without filtration, and ground water becomes tainted as well through oil and gas exploration.

The quest to extract fossil fuels for refining into fuels is using 4-8 million cubic meters of fresh water daily in the United States alone. This water goes through a process which renders it unfit for consumption.

As fossil fuels encroach on available water, there is also dramatically increasing extraction of drinking water by corporations, Nestlé and Coca-Cola being the largest, using various brand names. This water gets packaged in plastic bottles and sold to the public whom have been conditioned to believe this is the preferred mode of getting drinking water.

Water is more valuable than gold, it satisfies a human need. The world’s elite know this and continue to drive its value up through fossil fuel addiction and privatization of water when possible.


Wage Love With Knowledge

Charity Hicks at 1st March Against Monsanto
Charity Hicks at 1st March Against Monsanto

Detroit recently lost a very loved warrior in the fight for food and water justice – Charity Hicks, mysteriously killed by complications from a hit-and-run accident [2] [3] while visiting New York to speak at a conference. Community Food & Justice Coalition lists Charity as a person making a difference. She asked us to #WageLove and part of doing that is to know the systems that continue to oppress the people and the planet.

Charity Hicks: Wage Love from EMERGENCE Media on Vimeo.

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Meet Stephen Boyle Candidate for Michigan Congress District 14 on July 31

Stephen Boyle, Green Party candidate for Michigan’s 14th Congressional District is holding a social gathering on Thursday, July 31 from 6:00 until 7:30pm. The public is encouraged to come out and get to know the candidate better. Time will be dedicated from 7:00-7:30pm for questions and answers from the audience and press attending. There will likely be additional Green Party of Michigan candidates at the event who may field questions as well.

This is an ice cream social, with potluck – so if you’d like to bring a dish to share with those coming in straight after work it would be very welcome. The ice cream flavor of the day is Pistachio.

The location for this event is Mathis Community Center, 19300 Greenfield Rd, Detroit 48235 [map] Peterson Playfield on Greenfield north of Curtis, Detroit. Original plans were to celebrate Mathis Community Center as the second recognized Water Station by activists providing water as DWSD has been executing water shutoffs of delinquent accounts. Unfortunately the campaign heard the center is unable to hold politically aligned events, thus a last minute change in plans was made. We recognize many occupants are renters and may not be notified by landlords of outstanding water bills. The procedures being taken by Detroit’s Emergency Manager and the water department are deplorable. Stephen Boyle has been working on this issue since organizing the March Against Monsanto held May 24 with Charity Hicks who spent 2 days in jail for protesting the shutoff of water on her block.

The Green Party of Michigan will be holding a final Wayne County caucus August 2nd from 11:00am to 3:00pm when additional candidates may be nominated and accepted as candidates for office in the November 4, 2014 elections. Location 4605 Cass Ave, Detroit 48201.


Please contact Stephen Boyle by phone at 313-757-2619 or by email to if you have any questions.

Press Release Download

Meet Stephen Boyle Candidate for Michigan Congress District 14 by Stephen Boyle

[ Link to public document storage for campaign on Google Drive. ]

Gallup Poll – What Party Alignment?

GallupVoters-IndependentGallup has conducted monthly polls since 2004 of voters to find which political party you affiliate yourself with. Since January 2012 INDEPENDENT has been the most popular answer. Interestingly the follow up question which of the two major parties do you lean toward.

Independent Minded

America has been trapped into a normal way of thinking. Normal is something spun by the news media and pounded into our minds since before birth.  Life choices are made to conform with what is “normal” and those who act outside the guidelines have their lives made more difficult by the system. Punishment seems to be the rule for not being normal, it is corrective at times and oppressive/repressive at others.

The good thing is a lot of questioning is going on now by rational minded people. There’s a general feeling of being stuck, and many not quite sure how to get out or even identify what has them stuck. It can be many things, and many of them interrelated.

Influence of Advertising

One thing I’ll ask is for voters to consider the influence of paid advertising. I’ve walked around without even a business card to offer those asking how to reach me. Donations into the campaign simply aren’t coming in too quickly. Honestly I’m not surprised because most of my support are from those without much disposable income. A campaign donation from them is going to really mean something and I realize that.

So if I’m not paying very much for advertising how will my name get mentioned? The key is being part of the news; being in action; and being noteworthy. I’ve been on the frontline on many issues and seen on television during news broadcasts. I’ve written online about various topics and those get shared. I’ve researched many topics and share what I find with those that will listen.

Getting Listed as Candidate

I’ve got a few sites that I’ve sent my information into, hoping they will list me as a candidate. There’s a lot of resistance to posting independent candidate information until after the August 5th primaries. Oddly the cost of those is on the people, but we don’t get a chance to vote for independent party candidates there.

Today I received word that I’m listed on Ballotpedia. That’s pretty exciting because it’s a valuable resource not only for candidates, it also handles the issues on the ballot.

It took the State of Michigan over a month to update their list of candidates that goes through a real-time refresh every few minutes. At this time the parties with primaries to be settled are not listed on this list of candidates.

Your Assistance

Those that share what I write and invite their friends to read and meet me are true gems. Your actions may not register personally as of much value, they may not take much time or effort even. Some can help in extremely significant ways, over and over… you’ll be winning as the campaign is winning. This is a campaign for transformative change.